• High-performance
  • Software based
  • PPPoE/IPoE
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Strengthen broadband stability and scalability with our advanced software-based BNG solution.

Empower your network with our state-of-the-art software-based Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) solution. Enhance stability and scalability, ensuring a seamless and efficient broadband experience for your users. Our advanced technology brings reliability to the core of your network infrastructure, promising a robust and scalable solution tailored to meet the demands of modern connectivity. Elevate your broadband capabilities with confidence and innovation.

Network Architecture
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Network Stability
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Features and functions

Ethernet and Internet Protocols
  • IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.1QinQ
  • PPP over Ethernet (RFC 2516)
  • IPoE, including VLAN per subscriber
  • IP unnumbered support
  • Link Aggregation (LACP)
  • IPv4 (including ARP, ICMP, DHCP)
  • IPv6 (including NDP, MLD, DHCPv6)
  • VRRP -- enables redundancy and active-active BNG mode
Carrier-Grade NAT (CG-NAT)
  • CG-NAT and 1:1 NAT Support
  • Dynamic NAT (Port Block Allocation)
  • NAT events logging: IPFIX
  • Flow accounting (IPFIX)
  • TCP & UDP Connection Limits for a Subscriber
  • Application-level gateways (ALG) for ICMP and PPTP
Broadband functions
  • PPPoE (L2) termination of subscriber sessions
  • IPoE (L2/L3) methods of termination of subscriber sessions
  • IPv4/IPv6 support (Dual Stack)
  • RADIUS authorization (PAP and CHAP) and accounting
  • RFC-compliant support for PPPoE, LCP, IPCP, PAP, CHAP, IP address pools
  • PADO delay, limit PADI rate, CoA
Security & packet filtering
  • Access control lists (ACL)
  • Stateless filtering with large IP sets
  • Stateful filtering, including full TCP tracking
  • Block activity that can come from the subscriber.
  • DDoS attacks and BotNet elements
Routing & Policy
  • Multiple routing tables
  • Policy-based routing (PBR)
  • ECMP and UCMP load balancing
Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Hierarchical traffic policing and shaping
  • Token bucket filter with extended burst
  • Upper Limit Control
  • DSCP/TOS Support
  • Different bandwidth to pairing and ILL

QoS benefits for ISP's

1. Ensures Internet quality and speed
2. Ensures traffic evenness
3. Differentiates and prioritizes traffic
4. Prevents network overload

QoS Benefits for ISP's

  1. Ensures Internet quality and speed
  2. Ensures traffic evenness
  3. Differentiates and prioritizes traffic
  4. Prevents network overload
Network Diagram

How Virtual BNG can be inside ISP Network .

The vBNG solution significantly enhances ISP edge networks, offering streamlined bandwidth scalability and service expansion. It facilitates agile service deployment, embraces distributed edge architectures, and precisely meets diverse service demands. This approach minimizes expansion risks and opens new opportunities in various markets and geographies, paving the way for growth and innovation.

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