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ispcrm benefits

ISPCRM: Streamlining ISP Operations from End to End

ISPCRM empowers Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to centrally manage their business operations end-to-end. It offers flexible deployment options, including cloud-hosting on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model or on-premise deployment. The solution covers every aspect of ISP business operations, from lead management to provisioning, subscriber lifecycle management, policy enforcement, billing, franchisee management, self-service portals, customer mobile applications, helpdesk, and inventory management. It is engineered to support scalability, capable of managing over 250,000 subscribers in a single deployment, with redundancy and high availability integrated into every aspect of the application, ensuring uninterrupted service and operational excellence.

Centralized Business Management
Complete Operational Support
Flexible Deployment Options
Engineered for scalability
User-Friendly Interface
Redundancy and High Availability
ispcrm benefits
subscriber management
Subscriber Management

ISP CRM helps you manage complete subscriber life cycle from the point of first contact to termination and beyond

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franchise management
Franchise Management

Multi Level franchise models with flexible price and business model configuration with complete statements and accountability

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tariff management
Tariff Management

Bandwidth/Quota limits, FUP policies, Transit/Peering policies, Time based planes, MAC restirctions and pool management.

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customer support
Customer Support

Complete Customer support with auto ticket assignment and escalation with multiple models of ticket creation

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billing management
Billing Management

Automated billing with multiple billing models like prepaid postpaid, pay as you go and prorated billing with flexible pricing

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sales management
Sales Management

End to end Sales management from enquiry to lead qualification feasibility tracking, payment collection to service activation.

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inventory management
Inventory Management

Manage your stock of network gear across multiple locations and equipment deployed on field and at customer premises

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payment management
Payment Management

Integration with 20+ payment gateways with advance pay and automated renewals with mobile app for payment collection.

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Manage NAT logs and session logs for regulatory compliance along with CALEA and LI , stored efficiently with compression.

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cpe auto provisioning
CPE Auto Provisioning

Automate CPE setup with TR-069. Streamline device management, monitor performance, troubleshoot, and enhance security for efficient network operation.

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user app
User App

Customizable customer control panel with options to view usage,manage payments and raise tickets along with mobile app

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advance notification
Advance notification

Notify in advance via WhatsApp/SMS/Email for important updates or changes. Stay informed with timely notifications for smoother coordination.

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ISPCRM has seamless compatibility with an extensive spectrum of BNG and NAS routers

Our platform offers comprehensive AAA, billing, and operations management modules. It is expertly designed to harmonize with top-notch NAS equipment, such as Mikrotik RouterOS, VAS Experts SSG, Cisco ASR 1000 and 9000 series, Juniper MX series, Huawei NetEngine, ZTE, and any NAS supporting RADIUS integration capabilities. This ensures a versatile and efficient solution tailored to diverse network infrastructures.
how ispcrm helps acs in configuring devices within access network

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